on the road with jed - Day 21 /                                      kapowairua - aroha island

Kapowairua-ArohaIsland 185km
Kapowairua-ArohaIsland 185km




The next day we drive back to Aroha Island on the road we came yesterday.

At the Pukenui supermarket we see some Minis, seems that Kiwis are fond of rallyes, aren't they?



In this case it's the "Pork Pie Charity Run" [http://www.porkpie.co.nz/], a rallye across the whole country supporting disadvanteged children, starting at Invercargill and ending at Kaitaia [so just almost around the corner]. What we see here are probably the last travellers driving a bit further north. On our way south we meet some more single Minis :)

At Aroha we discover the peninsula, on a nature trail we walk "all around". We see some kauris [they are still "small" with their just 30 years], ferns and other plants and suddenly we hear that strange bird again. AND it jars further on while we pull out our cameras. And record those tunes. They sound so freaky, they will be my new ring tone! We even can see it [well, adumbrate would be the better word]: Something black-white ballooning its voice box. A mountain cock? Rather improbable ;)

We enjoy our last evening with Jed at sunset. Tomorrow we have to bring him back :(

[And what if we would simply drive on? Or stay here? The campsite hosts are just looking for a replacement...]

02.04.15/ far north - Aroha Island


01.04.15/ Aroha Island - Kapowairua


03.04.15/ Aroha Island - Auckland