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with the help of leo.org and looooong gone school lessons

here my attempt for the english (or oz or kiwi or whateva) speaking laddies. "mehr lesen" means "read more",

to enlarge the pics klick onto.

hope you understand,

hope you like it :)


27.05.13 - flllrrrrrrrr :)

Finally some sun! Have to use this for lazy practise on a monday afternoon.

One's doing on bike, ...


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Woooohooo! 1st practice on hometrack 2013

THAT - WAS - FUN !!!

1st mx-practice on hometrack 2013 and to me 1st time on bike since almost 2 years. Friday evening: Bitchies and families meet on the track, barbie opened, water closed :( Means we had no water at  ...

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offroadscramble Idstedt 07.04.13 - testrun

Oops - what was that? A weekend full of surprises...Originally I thought of a classic offroadscramble:

Driving to paddock on eve, barbie, having a look at the track, talking rubbish, deepest chaos and excitement on the next morning ("omg - only one hour left 'til start..."). 'Cos of low temperatures at night...

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