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off to OZ - day 1-3

Tue, 23.10.12 – We catch one of the last warm days in Germany this year, departure 9.25 pm from Hamburg.

I'm sooo excited.

Wed, 24.10.12 – After a 6-hours-flight landing at Dubai at 5.40 am. Slow-going sunrise, it's getting hot.

Fortunately the airport is air-conditioned. Anyway the thick cardigan is ...

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off to OZ - day 4

fr, 26.10.12 - Now we got it: Here we go! After kockaburras and magpies (weird birds making even more weird sounds) have wakened us about 7am we start relatively sanguine towards Katoomba/Blue Mountains ...

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off to OZ - day 5


Meanwhile we are lost in the overwhelming impressions - which day's today? Doesn't matter, our morning view off the car is great, it is WARM and at 8am so bright we have to wear sunnies (sunglasses). The woman at the reception has recommended to have a look at this part of the nationalpark, we will do that. ...


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off to OZ - day 6

Sunday, 28thOct2012. On our way to 'sisterheart' we visit the "Burning Mountain", burning by nature. We climb upon the mountain (on the fortified walkway), again it's warm and sunny. All the flies wanna tramp on our backs or in our faces. Lazy ones. And again the look-out is phantastic....

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off to OZ - day 7


Monday, 29th oct 2012 - After a long fine breakfast with 3-l-honeypot and vegemite (hmpf... very special spread) an almost last view around - the whitegrey is no morning-fog but bushfire-smoke from "just around the corner" (what an aussie calls 'around the corner' - lots of kilometers away. Probably. Hopefully.)

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off to OZ - day 8


Tuesday, 30.10.12 - A quick picture of the 'puschelbusch' ("bottlebush") at the campsite and on again, but now really on the Waterfall Way.


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off to OZ - day 9

Wednesday, 31.10.12 - After an almost 'magic' night with a full moon rising over the mountains and the right song on the radio [Flight Facilities/Clair de Lune (!)] we are wakened by magpies and the sun, it's about 7am and before breakfast I HAVE to go and take some pictures. What a weather! What a silence! What a landscape! We do like the inhabitants, enjoy the moment and take our time.

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off to OZ - day 10

Thursday, 01.11.12 - Whilst the revelers are going in Germany ("Karneval") we can hardly break away from Sawtell. Seems to be kinda surfer's paradise, everywhere pimped pick-ups with surfboards on their platform, everyone tramps in flip-flops, sunnies are mandatory and great-shaped bodies as well. Yet nothing for us :)

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off to OZ - day 11

Fr, 02.11.12 - And on we go through PortMacquaries suburbs until we arrive at Billabong Zoo, our only chance to watch Koalas... They sleep 20 hours a day and ingenuous as we tourists are we would not recognize them on their gum-trees.

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off to OZ - day 12

Saturday, 03.11.12 - Some thunder and rain at night and at first sight it seems to be fresh in the morning. But when we leave at 9am sun is yet burning and it's about 25°C. Cool. Again a 'last view' onto the sea and then we drive through the somehow noble neighbourhood of Nelson Bay along the coast.

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off to OZ - day 13

Sunday, 04.11.12 - A little rain at night, a slightly fresh morning, and mens-showers even fresher ;) A little melancholic we go off to our last stage towards Sydney.


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off to OZ - day 14

Monday, 05.11.12 - Tell 'Navi' not to use toll-streets, take 1x a false turn-off and you'll drive 20 km loop-way AND along Harbour Bridge (yes, toll-street...). Well. On the narrow slip road we fold our mirror, stop in the middle of rush-hour to pop it up again - and no-one grumbles...?!? Traffic like in Hamburg and nobody bleats? Welcome to Sydney!

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off to OZ - day 15

Tuesday, 06.11.12 - It is really weird to sleep in a hotel... Instead of nice birdy chirps we hear suitcases rolling and so on. Well. We get up early, take some slices of toast, left over from the journey, and a nescafé and leave again towards Darling Harbour.


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off to OZ - day 16

Wednesday, 07.11.12 - We get up slightly downhearted, today's the last day. We're packing our luggage, doing checkout (fortunately we may leave the luggage at the hotel) and off to Darling Harbour. With sightseeings of Sealife Center and Australian Maritime Museum we want do spend the day, the plane does not leave until 9pm.


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off to OZ - 'upshot'


Of course the weather was not that unbleamable, but it wasn't the weather alone. People have impressed us, their composure, their humour (as far as we have understood it), their friendlyness. Even in the big town it seemed to me very relaxed (in contrast to Hamburg e.g.)


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Add-on: Sydney - Tamworth area - sydney 2015

As we are already in this part of the world we have to take a day at Sydney.

At the hotel we are welcomed by a very special committee: Two cockatoos are sitting at the window.

And in addition it is full moon, photographer and camera are in demand.

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