Woooohooo! 1st practice on hometrack 2013

THAT - WAS - FUN !!!

1st mx-practice on hometrack 2013 and to me 1st time on bike since almost 2 years. Friday evening: Bitchies and families meet on the track, barbie opened, water closed :( Means we had no water at  ...

... the toilets. Not good. Some phonecalls and DIY-plumber-commitments later we have all we need. Except a warm night. Besides the romantic campfire it is coldcoldcold, about 1°C. No matter if in campervan or tent - we are all frozen the next morning. But we're lucky having looooots of warming sun (as long as we don't stand in the wind), no rain, no snow. Nice. Practice on a groomed track, friends around, long time not seen folk - seems to be a good mx-season's start.

  Alex has issues with her bike, Lemmy, now known as master

of carburettors, makes a good job in carburettor-setting.

See the result here:

My bike - 2 years w/o any movement - only has some problems with an old o-ring gasket in the float chamber and widdles gasoline; thanks to Lemmy, his persistence and some sealing compound I have the chance to run my first laps since [felt] yonks. Seems that long rest made my style change. Faster than ever, no problems with ruts [me! no hesitating!], turns not really challenging... We wonder if it is actually me on the bike ;)

[To be honest: The laps were fast but not much. Didn't ride more than 4 or 5 half-laps... :)) ]


We have a little rookie between us, soooo excited to get the chance to ride that he almost cannot sleep the night before. Unfortunately Daddy didn't make his best job in preparing the bike for his son's first ride and so it ends in a first wheelie, a broken wing and lots of tears (luckily only for shock and not for injuries). Hopefully that mx-career didn't end before it began ...


All in all we had a succesful nice weekend, apart from some bagatelles as cold night, back pains here, sunburn there. But if it isn't one thing, it's another :)


And maybe we have another 'bitches-member', she made her first attempts on her boyfriends bike. [And I'd bet, mummies are not excited 'bout that.]



Some more pics here

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