offroadscramble Idstedt 07.04.13 - testrun

Oops - what was that? A weekend full of surprises...Originally I thought of a classic offroadscramble:

Driving to paddock on eve, barbie, having a look at the track, talking rubbish, deepest chaos and excitement on the next morning ("omg - only one hour left 'til start..."). 'Cos of low temperatures at night...

... (-4°C) and late start time for the 2nd group (2pm) we decide to travel on the day of event.

Tinkering on saturday and finally finding damaged wheel bearings. Okay, chance to have a lie-in on sunday. Furthermore they have forecasted snow showers. But at least we want to watch one race and try to give a little mental support. As we arrive at 2.30 ("We are MUCH to late! They've already started!") the first drivers of the first group just leave the track. Yikes!?! First organizers fortune: In the morning they found that most of the transponders didn't work, moreover all data were gone... Most people have to buy a new transponder and let register again, everything is delayed by 2 hours. Wow. In exchange weather is great, sunny and windy, no signs of snow. Against expectations the track is not muddy, soil is good, everything's fine. If we had known this before...

45 minutes later the race is done for the one of those few amongst us who were riding: Shitty carburettor-setting, twisted fork, crooked handlebar, frontwheel sticks (and all this results from last year) - all gormless. Above all the blocked world champions in this group are still driving recklessly into one's bike, more gormless.

Thus a lightly flubbed start for much participants, I'd call it testrun. And for the next time applies:

Preparation in time is half the way to the finish line, this counts for driver (did your exercises?), mechanic (got enough spare parts?), time measurement (what about back-ups?). *

Somehow only weather and track were well prepared - I did expect them to be this the fewest.


* I know to bully as I have only my pants prepared... ;)


some pics here

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